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The Vintage Olive's
Triple-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin


1 pork tenderloin
cream cheese (chive and onion cream cheese is fantastic!)
¼ cup MAPLE BALSAMIC* (or Red Apple, Cinnamon Pear and Lavender!)
thick sliced bacon (appx. 6 slices)
jarred, sliced jalapeños
FLAVORED OLIVE OIL* for drizzling (try Chipotle, Tuscan Herb, Garlic)
fresh Herbs  ie; rosemary, sage, thyme (optional)

Slice the tenderloin down the middle to make it look like a canoe. Be careful not to cut through the bottom or ends. Fill the "canoe" about half way with the balsamic vinegar. Allow it to marinate for awhile (1-2 hours is fine) Fill the "canoe" with cream cheese and the jalapenos. We also like to add in fresh herbs here, they are optional but delicious.

Drizzle additional balsamic vinegar on thick sliced bacon and let marinate a short while. Wrap the marinated bacon around the tenderloin. Skewer the loin to keep it all together or wrap with cooking twine. 

We bank the charcoal to one side and put the loin just off center from the coals. That way the bottom stays tender since you won’t be turning over. Cook for about 20 minutes and turn it around and cook another 20 minutes on about 350°F. You may have to use 400°F towards the end. Remove and let rest 10-15 minutes.

After slicing it, we top it off with a generous drizzle of olive oil. Try not to hurt yourself while eating, it’s good!

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