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Intoxicating Injection-Marinade Turkey


Whole turkey (never frozen is best!)
¾ cup Cilantro & Roasted Onion Olive Oil*
½ cup Honey Ginger Balsamic*
1 Tbsp Bacon BBQ Rub*
1 Tbsp Dijon mustard
Himalayan Salt Seasoning Egg*



Heat the Himalayan Salt Egg according to package directions then place into the cavity of the bird (giblets removed))

Make the injection marinade by whisking together the olive oil, balsamic, rub & mustard, reserving some of the mixture for basting. Pour marinade into a meat injector & inject the meatiest parts of turkey (including legs & thighs) with marinade, changing the angle of the needle several times.

Separate skin from the meat of the turkey by running your hand under the skin to separate. Use the injector to spurt some of the marinade under the skin in several different parts of the turkey. Baste the turkey with remaining marinade & partially rub it in.

Tie the legs together with butchers twine & tuck the wings back behind the turkey's neck (optional)

If roasting in oven, cook according to the turkey packaging directions for its weight.

Grilling Directions:

Set the grill up for indirect cooking at 350°F (use a handful of pecan or other wood chips for a light, smoky flavor)

Cook for 12-15 minutes per pound until temperature in the breast meat is 160°F & temperature in the thighs is above 165°F (temp will rise a few degrees after removing from grill  and the salt egg can accelerate cooking time) Remove & tent with aluminum foil, let rest 15- 30 minutes to let juices settle.

Take Himalayan Salt Egg out using tongs or oven mitts & let cool. Once cool, wipe it down with damp cloth & store for next use.


Just a few of the many delicious injection marinade ideas:

Tuscan Herb olive oil + Honey Ginger balsamic

Garlic olive oil + Cranberry Pear balsamic

Tuscan Herb olive oil + Sicilian Lemon balsamic

Place a can of beer in grill while cooking for moisture.


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