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Grilled Peaches
and Pears

grilled peaches

3 ripe Peaches
3 ripe Pears
2 Tbsp BLOOD ORANGE OLIVE OIL* (try with Persian Lime, Lemon or Basil)
French Vanilla Ice Cream
2 Tbsp PEACH BALSAMIC VINEGAR* (try with Cranberry Pear, Lemongrass Mint)
½ cup crushed almonds/pistachios 

Rinse and dry the fresh fruit. Slice both the peaches and pears in half, discarding the stone/pits. Brush the fruit on both sides with the olive oil. Place the peaches and pears, cut-side down, on a hot grill. Cook approximately 4 minutes, until clear grill marks are visible. Turn and cook another 4 minutes. 

Remove fruit from grill and place on individual dessert plates or a large platter. Using a melon ball scooper, fill each of the grilled peaches and pears with 1 or 2 melon ball scoops of ice cream. Drizzle with Balsamic Vinegar. Finish with the optional chopped nuts.

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