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The Vintage Olive
Sesame Ginger 
Tuna Sashimi


High Grade Tuna Steak
Toasted Sesame Ginger Seasoning*
Low Sodium Soy Sauce
Toasted Sesame Seed Oil*
Wasabi and fresh ginger(optional)
Arugula or other salad greens (optional)

1) Blend approximately 1 part each of the Honey and Toasted Sesame Oil together and 2-3 parts Soy sauce. (Adjust ratios to personal taste preference)

2) Coat Tuna Steak in sauce mixture. Sprinkle seasoning onto a plate and press the coated tuna into the seeds on all sides.

3) Sear the tuna at high heat (On the Green Egg, we cook it at 500 degrees for appx 2 minutes each side, but it may be different on a gas grill as the fish will be closer to the heat. Watch closely not to over cook) 

4) Slice tuna and serve hot or let it cool in refrigerator and serve it chilled, layed out on salad greens. Use the remaining sauce mixture as a dipping sauce (optional: serve with fresh ginger and wasabi)

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